About Us

Company Overview

MBF Labs, LLC, was founded by MBF Bioscience, Inc., the developer of the foremost system for stereology in use today. Stereo Investigator is the most widely recognized tool for providing reliable stereological analysis.

Jack Glaser is the President and co-founder of MBF Bioscience where he has led the development of MBF’s products, including Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator, MBF’s Stereology system. He works closely with many leading international researchers to advance the fields of computer microscopy and quantitative analysis.

Susan Tappan, Ph.D., Scientific Director at MBF Bioscience has a broad interest in developmental neuroscience with a focus in neuroanatomy. Her dissertation research at the University of Virginia focused on the development of the rat gustatory system in the laboratory of David L. Hill. Postdoctoral training with Edwin W. Rubel at the University of Washington and Rae Nishi at the University of Vermont expanded her expertise in imaging and quantitative methods in the developing auditory system of the chick. Joining MBF Bioscience in 2005, she assumed the role of staff scientist, assisting product development and educational training in stereolgy.

Dr Christoph Schmitz, our chief consultant, obtained an M.D. in 1993 from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He also received his Habilitation in Anatomy in 2001. He serves as Professor and Head of the Department of Anatomy at Ludwig Maximilians Universität (Munich, Germany). Dr. Schmitz’s recognition as a renowned neuroscientific research authority engaged in applied stereological principles as well as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry makes him uniquely qualified in this field. Dr. Schmitz now serves as the director of consultancy services for MBF Labs.