Stereology Services

MBF Labs is the world’s leader in providing stereology services

We offer comprehensive stereology services that allows you to outsource your quantitative analysis needs to experts.

MBF Labs performs unbiased quantitative analyses of tissue specimens for pharmaceutical, biomedical, and research institutions. Our scientists are available to assist you in every step of the experimental procedure – from designing histological protocols according to the strictest stereological principles, to full analysis and interpretation of experimental data.

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Our expert stereologists will:

  • Collect unbiased data designed specifically to address your research project
  • Interpret the results in compliance with the most rigorous scientific standards
  • Prepare a final report documenting the statistical and analytical results, including biological implications
  • Include complete scientific documentation of laboratory, analytical and procedural details

Our stereology services are ideal for rigorous analysis required in fields such as drug discovery, biotech research, toxicology, and basic research.

MBF Labs can perform comprehensive stereological analysis for full-scale research studies. We also offer pilot and feasibility studies.

Get started by contacting us and sharing the experimental details and scientific inquiries of your study. Our experts are here to help you collect data, interpret results, and prepare specialized reports unique to your research.

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In order to identify promising therapeutic directions for Huntington’s disease, CHDI foundation has used the stereology services at MBF Labs to quantify the neuropathology in genetic models. The quality and rigor of the work produced by MBF is impressive, and we appreciate the contributions of the scientific staff in the design of the investigative work and the analysis of the data. CHDI values their professional, proactive approach, which has made this collaboration an integral part of our effort to find a treatment that slows or delays Huntington’s disease.”

David S. Howland, Ph.D.
CHDI Foundation


 MBF Labs’ work was exquisite and was available in a timely fashion. It was a pleasure to work with their capable team.”

Carson Cornbrooks, Ph.D.
University of Vermont