Stereology Services

MBF Labs is the world’s leader in providing stereology services

We offer comprehensive stereology services for your outsourcing needs in a global marketplace

cellMBF Labs performs stereology services for pharmaceutical, biomedical, and basic research institutions. Our expert stereologists are available for assistance in every step of the experimental procedure – from designing protocols according to the strictest stereological principles, to full analysis services and interpretation of experimental data.

Once the protocols are in place our expert stereologists will:

  • Collect the data
  • Interpret the results in compliance with the most rigorous scientific standards
  • Prepare a final report documenting the statistical and analytical results, including biological implications
  • Full scientific documentation of laboratory, analytical and procedural details will be included.

These types of stereology services are designed for pharmaceutical companies, universities, clinical researchers and any research laboratory seeking expertise in stereological analysis or analysis requiring costly instrumentation not possessed in-house. MBF Labs can perform comprehensive stereological analysis for full-scale research studies. Additionally, pilot and feasibility studies are available.

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