Slide Scanning and Imaging

MBF Labs provides a slide scanning service to create an image of your specimen.

All you need to do is provide us with your slides and in return you will receive a high resolution and seamless virtual image montage.

This is done at MBF Labs by using the slide scanning module of Stereo Investigator. This program creates montages composed of hundreds, even thousands of individual images obtained from multiple microscope fields of view at the desired resolution. The resolution of the individual fields is maintained in the montage, allowing for the capacity to zoom in and out without loss of resolution. Our advanced technology accurately merges all individual images into a single image montage. There is an automatic correction that removes shading error so that the images are captured with even illumination. The final image montage provides context obtained from a large field of view combined with the detail and resolution acquired from high magnification.

At MBF Labs, these image montages can be created using Zeiss Apotome microscope system,brightfield using magnifications ranging from 2x to 100x and TissueScope.

The images are returned to you in a high-resolution digital format that can be used for printing, archiving, pathology and remote diagnosis. These images are scalable and can be shared or networked utilizing our Biolucida application.

These images can also be used for data collection.

If the images are captured as a sequence of z axis positions (representing the thickness of the tissue), they can be loaded into the Stereo Investigator software to perform stereology.

If the image contains an object for reconstruction, then Neurolucida can be utilized and the morphology of the object can be determined.